Shardlow Canal

┬áHistory Of Shardlow Canal Port The inland port of Shardlow is arguably best known as the site of the Sharlow Canal and one of Derbyshire’s most important trading grounds in the 1770s but the history and significance of this port goes much further than the glory years of the Soresbys and the numerous businesses on … Read More

Sir Joseph Whitworth

Joseph WhitworthBorn at the turn of the nineteenth century on December 21st 1803, it did not take long before Joseph Whitworth developed a taste for machinery and engineering that would eventually make him infamous across the the rest of the 1800s. He was born in Stockport to a minister and teacher but it was his … Read More

Jedidiah Buxton

Jedediah BuxtonBorn in 1707, he grew up as a fairly ordinary boy in Elmton, Derbyshire with close family connections to the village; his father was a local farmer and Elmton’s schoolmaster and his non-biological grandfather was the vicar. Despite the position of his father, Jedediah appears to have received a very limited education during his … Read More

Sir Henry Royce

From Humble Beginnings Sir Henry Royce has long been remembered as the famous car maker from Derby, partly due to the large statue of him outside his company’s city headquarters, but his success with Rolls-Royce was the last chapter in a long and varied career that took him across the country. Frederick Henry Royce was … Read More